Junior Beginners

Juniors can start any time. Junior sessions are  a series of step by step progressions that are structured in a way that regularly reinforces the basics and allows new fencers to get up to speed very quickly. Junior sessions are built around participation and fun with young fencers deciding what level they will challenge themselves to achieve.

Individual Lessons

Once fencers have progressed beyond beginner instruction the best way to continue learning the technical skills and tactical application necessary for better competitive fencing is one on one instruction. TFC has experienced coaches in all of the sports disciplines who have competed to the highest level and are involved in training the next generation of Australian representatives. 

Lessons can be booked by appointment but coaches will also make themselves available for bookings on the night.

Adult Beginners

These classes are for anyone senior high school aged and older. Adult beginner classes are scheduled to run roughly every 10 weeks. If there are insufficient numbers to run a class, beginners are given the option of one on one instruction with one of our instructors or rolling over into the next class block. Each class is comprised of 6 sessions 90 minutes long and will cover all of the skill development necessary for a beginner to participate in open fencing sessions.  
To view upcoming classes or register for a learn to fence session go 


Open Sessions

During the open sessions the club has 9 electric pistes available as well as space for steam bouting and lessons with coaches. Fencers in these session are expected to do their own warm up and then progress to competition bouting. During these sessions coaches are available for individual instruction. There are target dummies and space for athletes to do footwork or their own drills.


Modern Pentathlon consists of 5 sports. Fencing is one. We now have a number of Penthaletes who train with the club. We provide them with an opportunity to integrate with the regular club and practice against some of the toughest opponents in the country. Theycombine this with Pentathalon Specific bouting and shooting practice with an elevated heart rate.
Our Pentathalon squad meets evey Tuesday Night.

The Fencing Club E-mail: Tel: +61 419 731 982

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