Fencing Pose



    The Fencing Club is...

        the largest fencing club in Queensland                                      run by Fencing Coach Paul Crook for over 20 years.

            Fencing has a long and rich history

            as a combat form and European martial art.

                     As a sport,

                     it is one of four original Olympic sports

                     in the modern games since 1896.

                               There are many physical benefits

                               to enjoy from fencing,

                               including increased coordination,

                               agility, balance, flexibility, strength 

                               and cardiovascular endurance.

                               You also benefit from greater mental agility

                               and strategic thinking.


                               The Fencing Club prides itself

                               on providing opportunity for everyone                                         whether they just want to learn & enjoy


                               to represent Australia

                               at the highest level possible.